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Sweat Out The Confusion!

A year ago if you had asked me where my favorite place was, the last place in the world I would have expected me to say would be ‘The Gym‘. I have had a love/hate, on/off relationship with exercise for years. I often went through phases of really pushing myself and seeing results but then giving up after a lazy week.  tumblr_mzd15xOIAL1stxegwo1_250

I realize now that my mentality was wrong. I never took the time to even try and enjoy exercising without seeing overnight results. (A hundred sit ups will give me abs straight away right?) tv-gif-will

When I left university two months ago, I made myself two promises and those two things have fueled everything I have done since. 1. Get fit. 2. Save money for traveling. I still have no idea what I want to do in the long term but for now those two things are keeping me focused.

The first thing I did when I returned home was join a gym. It had been a while since I had been a member and during university and even before that I had let myself get out of shape. Not in any extreme way but enough to make me want to change. change-is-good-but-not-easy_152

I started off right away with a different attitude, ‘This will be a long term, sustainable change and I won’t see results overnight.’ With that in mind I built up to more intense workouts and slowly but surely I noticed something. It  made me feel better. Physically of course, I have noticed slow results but that is going to take a long time to build up. When I say it makes me feel better, I mean mentally. I leave every time feeling happier, healthier and less anxious and confused. I channel all the anxiety of being a twenty something into my workouts and it helps clear my head. The gym is now my happy place. Brad-Pitt-Workout

I may not have the body I have always dreamed of but that is no longer why I do it. I do it because it makes me feel good and hopefully results will come as a result of that. I am leaving my desperate nightly sit ups behind!

If you are confused about life like me, I urge you to start exercising regularly. Even if it’s just dancing around in your room like a weirdo or taking a daily evening stroll. I guarantee after a few weeks you will notice the difference. It won’t sort your life out for you, it won’t get you that job that you’ve always wanted but it will make you happier, it will help you compartmentalize things and it could make you a more successful, motivated person.


Stay Strong People xoxoxo

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