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I’m Anxious But I Do It Anyway.

I want to talk about anxiety. So many people have it and deal with it everyday, it is the most common mental health issue around yet no one seems to actually talk about it in that much depth. It seems we are all suffering from our neurosis in silence but quite frankly, silence just makes everything worse…at least for me it does.


I have suffered from some form of anxiety for as long as I can remember. My first memories were of confusing panic attacks stemming from a fear of death. I was seven..I never understood what was happening. I just remember this all encompassing fear that I couldn’t shake. giphy

As I got older it stayed with me, manifesting itself in different ways. In secondary school I became convinced that I was going to get breast cancer young, my friends would laugh at me for being a worry wart. It wasn’t until I went to university that it really started to take hold. Every slight health issue kept me up at night, I searched symptoms endlessly online and always convinced myself the end was near. I lived in London and developed a fear of the tube, so much so that I paid for taxis everywhere. I ended up leaving that first university as it just wasn’t right for me at that time, I moved to one that made me a lot happier but unfortunately my anxiety followed me.anxiety

I’m happy to say that I have become a lot better since being at university, I sent myself to a counselor  who taught me that I am not alone and gave me many coping techniques but I am beginning to realize that it will never truly go away. If you have anxiety you will know that triggers are everywhere. For me a major one is a terrorist attack, it can shake my whole being and affect me for weeks to the point that I will be scared to go out. It can be anything and can come out of nowhere however if you have ways of coping it is easy to overcome them.


The difference is that now I know that I am not alone, at university I met so many people that suffered with some form of anxiety and although it is usually not talked about in great depth, it is talked about which is an important place to start. I met people that I would have never in a million years considered anxious, who were some of the most anxious people I have met.

It is important for me to say that I don’t think that the anxiety I feel is anything that other people don’t feel… (just on a much lower scale) but what I do feel is that I am sensitive to life, I am scared of it and amazed by it and constantly aware of how precious it is. If you met me you might not even know until we become best friends that I suffer from any kind of anxiety at all. I don’t let it stop me from doing things (usually) and I always come through it. 69f70ad7f097ba03b2b409bdb58e9903

If you suffer from any kind of anxiety or even if you are a chronic worrier, I urge you to talk to someone about it: friend, partner, parent or there is always counseling. Just remember that you are not alone, you are not crazy or abnormal. You are human with natural fears and worries that may be elevated from time to time but it’s nothing you can’t come through.  7634d6b2128e77a063fc6fc2d95fcad5

Talking is the best therapy and when you have anxiety it really helps to ramble out some of the confusion..even if it’s just to yourself…

Stay Strong People xoxoxo 

19 thoughts on “I’m Anxious But I Do It Anyway.

    1. Thanks ☺️ it’s such an amazing step that you’re seeing someone though! I’m sure you will it just takes time but going to see someone definitely set me in the right direction ☺️


  1. I loved your post. I think it’s very true that a lot of people worry, to varying degrees. We all experience some degree of anxiety, and all have to calm ourselves down about all the things we worry about which probably never end up happening.

    I loved the honesty of this post, and the humor brought in with the pictures. Great post.


  2. This really hit home for me. When I returned home from Afghanistan, I really struggled with anxiety and I don’t think my family or husband understood the reality of my mental situation.


  3. It’s always comforting to hear that you’re not alone in the fight against anxiety. I think you’re right when you say that anxiety will probably always be with you. I know it always helps me to remember my coping techniques and have a really supportive and stable person to lean on when I’m struggling!


  4. kudos to you for braving to share your unpleasant experiences. a real inspiration.
    Anxiety. Depression or any other psychological problem, the best way to deal with it, Acceptance of what you feel. Only then you give yourself due respect to come forward to ask for help. Denial only worsens the situation.
    Happy to see that you dealt with it bravely. All the best to you.


  5. Great post! I have to admit I suffer from acute anxiety but I guess everyone else must do at some point in their lives. I understand the thing about the tube by the way. Whenever there’s a terrorist attack I’m like, “Do I want to risk it” even though in reality I’m still here so there’s nothing to worry about. Anxiety is a funny old thing and I’m glad you’re coping better now x


  6. I feel you on this. I have social anxiety and have been in therapy for awhile but have also realized lately that I don’t think it will ever officially go over, you are right on that. I know my triggers and do my best to cope- but I no longer a voice social situations because of it like I used to.


  7. Zoe, I’ve had anxiety for most of my life as well. It means a lot that you shared this. People are afraid to share their struggles but I think it’s our battles that make us who we are and our vulnerability to share them that makes us stronger. I can relate to having anxiety but people not really knowing. I don’t let it stop me from living either but wow it can be so challenging sometimes. Thank you so much for posting this. On another note, I absolutely love your blog! I just found it today from your Facebook page. I’m a traveler myself. Great stuff. Can’t wait to see more posts 🙂


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