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I’m weird and I like it.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘normal’ although sometimes it is easy to feel like you are abnormal or weird. I often do.

My problem is that until you get to know me, I often feel like people think I am awkward, and a little bit stupid, which is not the case. Maybe at times this is an outward reflection and people don’t think this at all. That doesn’t stop me from thinking that everything I say around new people provokes this reaction:


Which just makes me analyze everything I say and do around them even more which in turn makes me even more awkward.

What is my face doing? Am I smiling? WHY AM I SMILING?
What is my face doing? Am I smiling? WHY AM I SMILING?

Sometimes I say things and people completely misunderstand what I am saying. In my head it’s something reasonable but to them it’s like you’ve just asked them to eat a puppy. In reality I KNOW that what I have said is normal, it’s just come out a bit wrong and all I want to do is just confess:


It takes a while for people to see the real me but that’s okay because I know the people that do hang around are the ones worth having in my life. They are usually just as weird as me.


Sometimes I forget that other people most likely have the same thoughts as me, they probably agonize over stupid awkward comments and feel silly. They aren’t thinking about the fact that I said ‘Hey’ after they said ‘Bye’ (mortifying)   or the fact that I am so clumsy its embarrassing or that sometimes I have completely stupid moments which make me look like I have the IQ of a fish.

I think we all need to embrace our inner awkward, if everyone was honest about their weirdness from the outset we would all feel a lot more free. Some people may judge me from my awkward moments or assume things about me from random moments of silliness but those are exactly the sort of people I don’t want to have in my life.


Let’s all embrace each others weirdness and be weird friends.

tumblr_mftagkazEq1s1k7bmo1_500Stay Strong People xoxoxox

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