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Pet Peeves. Oh how they peeve us.

Sometime little things can be so much more than minor annoyances, here are a few of my top pet peeves. I feel like they’re pretty relatable but then again maybe I am just a grumpy sod.

1: People who walk in the middle of the road.  You’re on your way to work. Taking up very little of the road and in front of you is one of the slowest, most disjointed walkers you have ever come across. They are on their phones; they take up the middle of the road and stop every five seconds to scroll down another social media timeline. You attempt to cleverly maneuver around them however at that very second you  move, they move to the space you were going to. This happens for what feels like hours until you hurriedly get past them, at which point you shoot a glance at them only to see them glaring at you like you just broke into their house.

This is what it feels like you’re up against..

2: People that don’t say thank you. Someone stops you and asks for directions, you proceed to show them on their way, you draw up an intricate map of the area detailing the exact place they need to go yet they simply walk off with no gratitude or thanks and you feel like yelling ‘You’re welcome Gary’ at the top of your voice after them. This (not that specific situation) has happened to me countless times whilst working in retail especially.

3: Sickeningly loved up Facebook posts. I love, love as much as the next person but we don’t need to see it vomited all over our Facebook timelines. The occasional picture or sweet post is actually nice but a constant barrage of soppy, meaningless drivel just makes us want to vomit. I must admit it can be quite entertaining to watch but that doesn’t make it less annoying. I love that couples are happy but you know you can be happy without publicizing it everywhere? It’s usually the happiest couples that rarely post about each other..
If you have ever announced that your other half is: ‘Your soulmate, your world, your king, your boy, your light.’ That’s the kind of thing I mean…

The boy did well…..

4: People that blow their noses, loudly. You’re sitting on a bus and suddenly you hear the most heart stopping, disgusting noise coming from beyond you. You peer around to see someone clearly not well enough to be in public. They don’t have tissues and they have no problem with clearing out their snotty faces for the whole bus to hear.

That explains it.

5: Two faced people. This is so much more than a pet peeve. Gossip is pointless, annoying and self-destructive. If you really dislike someone enough to say bad things behind their back, why not just stop having that person in your life? Easy!

6: Food Shaming. You’re on a diet? Cool, but we don’t have to hear about it every five minutes. Let me enjoy my perfectly normal, healthy lunch in peace without you remarking ‘I wish I could get away with eating stuff like that but I can’t Great Susan now get back to your sixth attempt at a juice cleanse….

7: People that use the word ‘Natural’ I definitely picked this one up from my boyfriend but there is nothing more annoying that someone gushing over a product they bought and how it is ‘all natural’. This word is part of the biggest advertising con known to man, the use of the word gets us to spend more all the while making us believe we are eating better things, putting better products in our bodies. Everything and I mean everything can be labelled as ‘Natural’ Every ingredient, no matter how bad for us, begins in nature.its-science-anchorman.gif
8: When you’re out with a friend but it’s clear their phone is more important. This actually never happens to me anymore luckily but it has in the past. You haven’t seen your mate Carol in years, you show up to your reunion and she spends most of the time texting her other half, snap-chatting and updating her Instagram with pictures (#reunion) #no.


9: People that ask how you are but don’t really care. I will only ask you how you are if I genuinely want an answer. Talk to me about your dying goldfish, your work struggles, and the new show on Netflix you love. I want to know. A lot of people just ask because they think it’s polite but unless you actually want an answer, it’s not polite at all.

At least she’s honest…

10: People that mark their territory at the gym. You’ve been waiting half an hour to use the chest press and the douchey guy that’s been on there gets up and goes to a different machine. He leaves his towel and water bottle there to signify he’s not finished. You stand there awkwardly until choosing a different machine, hoping that ‘top-half muscle guy‘ doesn’t chose to claim yet another machine.



The majority of time I like to spread positivity but I think a big part of that is being able to vent frustration. I’m sure sometimes we all do things that annoy other people but as long as you’re a decent, kind and compassionate human being- it doesn’t really matter! Those were some of my minor frustrations. Let me know if there are any pet peeves that bug you in day to day life 🙂


Stay Strong xoxoxo

10 thoughts on “Pet Peeves. Oh how they peeve us.

  1. Literally, each one of these I read and was like yes. Yes. YEEEESSSSSS! I can’t stand the person who is like, “How are you” and you start to respond and they keep talking. Like why did you even bother asking me then?? And the person who doesn’t say thank you. Seriously, it’s two words–whats so hard about saying them? Hahaha this was a funny post and I love the gifs you used, especially the gym one!!!


  2. #10 – Can totally relate. My gym only has one (yes, ONE) elliptical, so it’s a first come, first serve machine. I try to snag it up whenever it’s free on my cross-training days!!

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  3. So on point! I feel like I’m a magnet to slow walkers 😠 It always makes me feel better (but probably makes me look like a sassy biatch) to storm past them, loudly saying “I LOVE WALKING AT APPROPRIATE SPEEDS AND LOOKING WHERE I’M GOING”.
    Hands-down, my biggest pet peeve! Thanks for the laughs 😀


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