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Twenty Something Failings.

Dear Followers, apologies for my absence- I really don’t have an excuse except that I have been a lazy sod that hasn’t been making the most of her time.

I want to share with you a post about my feelings on my current situation in the hope that some of you may relate.

I’m 24 years old and I still live at home with my mum. Woe is me. I graduated over a year ago and although some of my fellow course mates are living it up in the big city (what?) I’m here, at home, poor and writing a blog in my childhood bedroom. All kidding aside though, I think it’s totally normal…it’s totally normal to be a failure…


While fellow graduates are starting high powered jobs, I’ve just finished the season 7 finale of Pretty Little Liars and I was honestly blown away… I mean the story lines are actually getting ridiculous but I still love it. A lot.

I was Team Spaleb. Sob 😥

If I could afford to get my life together or actually knew what I was doing with it…I would be doing it. It doesn’t help that rent prices are so high. The average rent prices in London are around 800-1200 pounds. I don’t get how graduates can afford this unless they are selling their very souls just to live and I don’t believe in souls. Even where I live, the average rent is still around £1000. Seriously where are the twenty something graduates that can afford this? Because I want to find them and copy everything they do.


I read today that one in six graduates are now over qualified for their jobs, of course everyone has to start somewhere but we know we have reached a new low when your mate from Oxford is scrubbing toilets in the nearest Asda. It IS hard though, for all of us, so I think we can all give ourselves a break…unless it’s only me that feels like this in which case I definitely do not deserve a break…

I am definitely further along in life and in knowing what I want than I was a year ago, if you go back and read my posts you will see that almost every single one is me explaining how confused I am in life, so I guess that is progress and progress is always good.

I’m also a lot more relaxed than I was as a fresh faced graduate, my anxiety over every tiny decision has faded and my rush to get my life together has weaned. I am happy in the moment and whilst I am still in my childhood bedroom, watching Pretty Little Liars over and over again on Netflix..I realise there are far worse places I could be. I haven’t lost ambition, that is still very much there, I just know now that Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor am I.


What do you think? Have you graduated recently? Have you reverted back to a teenager living in your parents house or are you a real grown up now?

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Stay Strong xoxoxo

10 thoughts on “Twenty Something Failings.

  1. It’s definitely not uncommon for recent grads to still live at home with their parents; I graduated university over a year ago, but still live with my parents! I wouldn’t beat yourself over it, as you’re still young, and really, you’re better off living at home for the moment, finding work to save up until you can move out. I have friends who have since moved and live on their own, but I’m sure not everything’s smooth-sailing, as they’ve talked to me about the stress of paying bills and electricity while also working a 9-to-5 job with little time for fun in between. So either way, there are positives and negatives to both sides, and I’m sure in time, things’ll look up for the better!


  2. It’s not uncommon, most people I work with live at home. Some live with their spouses and live with one of their parents. Rent and house prices are high where I live as well in the US. It’s also okay to be lazy sometimes! I always feel better after taking a few days off. Things will get better!


  3. Another person with the button theme! Yay

    As the others said, this is completely normal. I’m 28, don’t work, don’t drive, never went to college, and live with my boyfriend.

    But you know what? Everyone has specific circumstances unique to them that shouldn’t define who they are as a person or their success at life.

    Especially in this age, where things seem to be drastically different than they were several years ago!

    You can do it!!!!


  4. I feel you , I am a high school graduate waiting to join uni & everyone is living (like actual living) & i am here watching jane the virgin and falling in love with Rafael.
    I think living in your time zone is the thing to do.
    Just do you.
    I wrote a post about that today feel free to check it out


  5. 6 years after graduation, I’ve come to realise that people’s lives don’t follow a straight trajectory from degree to success. I can’t think of a single person whose life has been linear and straightforward; we all go round in circles. Among people I know, however sorted (or not) everyone seemed as new graduates, between us we’ve all had good jobs, bad jobs, dull jobs, gap years, returns to education, career changes, health changes, financial wins and losses, started relationships, ended relationships, moved away, moved back, moved away again. Not sure if it sounds very comforting the way I’ve written it, but I find it comforting to think that I can’t go seriously astray; it’s just life taking another turn for a while.


  6. Hey there. Twenty something crisis spoken here! I’m a twentysomething from the United States, and I have several friends still living at home. I myself live near my family and still rely on them for quite a bit. We live in a rural area where the rent isn’t too bad–the rents near cities are crazy here too. Also figuring out what to do with my life. Thanks so much for your honesty and I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂


    1. By the way we’re all over the age of 25, and two of my friends still living at home are almost 30. And they’re nice people, not creepy live-in-the-basement types. That’s such a stereotype. Haha. In other cultures it’s normal to live in multi-generational families–why does it have to be looked down upon in Western culture?


  7. I really felt what you were saying in this article as somebody in her mid-20s I often feel the very same with you. I think it’s common for us to be too hard on ourselves! You sound like you have done amazing and sometimes staying at home and the smartest decision. Enjoyed reading this post


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