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It’s been a year and three months (ish) since I’ve written anything here, or anything at all really. I have no excuse except the age-old phrase: ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.’

Life happens, it happens fast and chaotically and sometimes months fly by and you don’t even really remember what you were doing but you just know that you were busy.

I’ve changed a lot since I wrote in here last; we all change dramatically from year to year but my changes have been different. Not only have I changed the way I feel about my own life & my career but the way I look at the world has changed. The way I see society has changed and that has changed me as a person consequentially.

I guess if you wanted to know how exactly I have changed my views, a good place to start would be to watch a few of my YouTube videos ( I started making videos just over a year ago & whilst many of my videos aren’t the deepest projects I could produce, they’re a lot of fun, and the subjects I talk about and surround myself with give me a lot to think about. YouTube has opened up a world that I would never have been involved with previously, it’s introduced me to new people, ideas and experiences that help me to learn and gain different perspectives. I’m very grateful. My channel may not be huge but it’s worthwhile & fulfilling.

As for the rest of my life, I am still in a limbo of sorts, YouTube has given me meaning that I was lacking after graduation but I still don’t know where I’m heading in the long term, the stretch of time before me that I want to fill with achievement, career & family- that’s still partially shrouded.

I look back at my old posts here and I feel like I’ve grown up a lot. I spent a lot of time writing about how lost I was and not a lot of time working at moving forward. This is now something I am actively doing, whether that be looking into post graduate study, working or making YouTube videos. I’m not just talking, I am doing and that’s the only way to move forward and to change for the better.

I’m hoping to start writing here again but things will be different, I want to start writing more socio-political pieces to correlate with my YouTube videos, possibly going more in depth than I do in my videos.

What are you doing to move forward & make positive changes?


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