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Tips for transitioning to a Vegan lifestyle.

I know this post won’t resonate with many people however it was requested and as it’s something I have recently gone through I thought I would share my tips for others considering it (do not fear, my blog will be back to its usual theme next week). If you had asked me a year or… Continue reading Tips for transitioning to a Vegan lifestyle.

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American College vs British University

I grew up watching those classic teen films based around American high school and college. The sororities and frat houses always looked so much fun and the politics of American college always baffled us Brits. Whilst we were getting hammered whilst living in our crappy, overpriced halls whist surviving on pot noodles, the Americans were… Continue reading American College vs British University

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Change and it’s consequences.

Change happens every day. Change is what shapes us and our lives; it moves us forward and pulls us back. Some changes we can control & some we can’t. No matter what, change is usually a scary thing. The biggest uncontrollable change of your twenties is usually moving away from home or leaving university (and moving… Continue reading Change and it’s consequences.

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When you want the world.

When I was eighteen I was so sure I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to act. I wanted to perform. I would go to drama school, train and that would be it. Someone would notice me and I would get what I want. I knew it would be hard but I knew… Continue reading When you want the world.

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5 Things University doesn’t teach you..

Not everyone will agree on these and obviously it depends what you studied. I studied an extremely creative subject; it was fun, rewarding and I learnt a lot however there are definite things that I feel university didn’t teach me and has somewhat hindered me when it comes to ‘real life’. 1. How to get… Continue reading 5 Things University doesn’t teach you..